UNIREP Electronic is delighted to announce its new partnership with worldwide established  EATON Electronics Division  (division of EATON Group). UNIREP is in charge of Business Development for the french territory.

EATON Electronics Division  is committed to the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative circuit protection, overvoltage protection, as well as power management magnetics and supercapacitor solutions. Industry-leading products include Bussmann circuit protection products, Coiltronics family.

EATON Electronics Bussmann Series® offers fail-safe circuit protection devices in SMD, Thru-Hole, and traditional Ferrule Fuse packages.

EATON Electronics PowerStor family offers ultra-low resistance supercapacitors, unique high-energy storage devices.

EATON Electronics Coiltronics family specializes in standard and custom solutions offering the latest in state-of-the-art low profile high power density magnetic components. In working closely with the industry leaders in chipset and core development, we remain at the forefront of innovation and new technology to deliver the optimal mix of packaging, high efficiency and unbeatable reliability.
EATON’s designs utilize high frequency, low core loss materials, new and custom core shapes in combination with innovative construction and packaging to provide designers with the highest performance parts available on the market.

For more information, contact us or go to  EATON Electronics Division’s page.