Established in 1985, UNIREP Electronic is a Manufacturers’ Business Development Representative specializing in electronic components, solutions, systems and services originally in France and now across Europe thanks to its network of selected partners. With more than thirty years of experience in this field, UNIREP Electronic has successfully been selling and marketing both active semiconductors (ICs dedicated to automotive, industrial, but also consumer and military applications), passive interconnect (connectors, cables) as well as complete solutions for power management/conversion applications (battery packs, DC/DC converters, and power supplies, for example). UNIREP Electronic pioneered the French market with UNITRODE, AMI, RAMTRON, OXFORD Semi, LUMINARY Micro, SARONIX/PERICOM and many other well-known semiconductor companies, that have either grown to Int’l established companies, or been acquired by the top tens. Our Principals benefit from a completely transparent sales and marketing team tailored to meet every need. The service comes with a guarantee that we will never work with a competing organization.

Sales Assets and Tools

  • More than 30 years in the business
  • Pioneered what are now established technologies (FRAM, USB and FW, ASICS, CORTEX M3, PMUs) and established companies, (UNITRODE (TI), RAMTRON, AMI, LUMINARY Micro (TI), OXFORD Semiconductor (PLX Technology), ANALOGIC TECH(SKYWORKS Inc.), PERICOM (DIODES Inc.))
  • Extensive database of contacts in many industry sectors such as telecom, industrial control, security, automotive, LED lighting and other industries in need of electronic components.
  • Dedicated to Design-in
  • Range of partners operating throughout Europe to provide a true “Gateway to Europe” for manufacturers seeking international expansion
  • Good key people customers relationship
  • Principals and products fit
  • Long experience in Marketing/Sales reporting but also Distribution Management
  • Integrated Sales software, with CRM tools, but also with Principals reporting tools

Company Strategy of Unirep

  • UNIREP’s focus is on ‘state of the art’ Manufacturers with compelling technology and something new to offer in the marketplace.
  • Core client-centred approach– we are a demand creation company.
  • Act as a Cultural Bridge-Bridge the cultural divide.
  • Leverage our team strengths to provide an exciting stimulating environment for our staff.
  • Offer unrivalled services to our clients and principals.
  • Create synergies between our partners.
  • We are always on your side.

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